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I am excited to be working with Born Tough and Elite Sports. I will review their workout shorts once I receive them. You can check them out on the following links.

I will update this as soon as the shorts come in. I think it's pretty cool when companies reach out to expand their brand and collaborate with others. This is one of the reasons this field is so great!

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Welcome to 2022! Here we are at the beginning of yet another year and this is always an exciting time. In order to be completely transparent, one of my goals is to write more. So now that I am putting it out there, feel free to hold me accountable! Specifically, my goal is 2 blog posts per month and in order to do that I have a few key things that I am doing to make that happen.

This brings us to the objective of this first blog post of the year, how do we effectively meet our goals without feeling overwhelmed? How do we pick our goals and plan a strategy around them to get to where we need to be? We all create goals of some sort but rarely do we ever meet them. This is simply due to the fact that we have no plan. We have no course of action on how to get from point A to B. We throw things against a wall to see what sticks and instead of creating a sustainable habit, we binge or deprive ourselves to get to our goal BUT we always revert back because there is no sustainability.

Here is HOW we do this:

  1. Pick a goal you want to accomplish

  2. Figure out 2-3 things that you can do to help you meet that goal.

  3. Repeat for up to 3 total goals

As a practical example, one of my goals this year is to deadlift 550 pounds. This is a stretch goal for me and is going to push me very hard. In order to accomplish this I have several HABITS that are going to feed into this goal. These habits are what I need to do every day consistently to help me get to my main goal.

  1. Sleep 7 hours a night

  2. Train Consistently

  3. Eat for performance and NOT for weight loss.

THIS is how you hit your goal. Set up daily habits you can hit that, when done consistently, will lead you to your goal. That's it, nice and simple, right? While it may sound easy and look easy, it rarely is. This is why we focus on smaller tasks so that we avoid being overwhelmed and can build these habits.

Building a habit leads to much more than just hitting a goal though, right? What is going to happen to me from sleeping 7 hours a night and making that a habit? I’m probably going to be healthier, reduce my stress, and generally feel better overall. When I feel better, I am going to make better choices in my daily life. I am much more likely to be in a better mood too.

What habits are you going to implement to hit your goal this year?

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OK, I will admit that it might not be exactly 90 days, but we do have three months left of this year. I know that this year has been challenging for a lot of people. Not everyone has succumbed to the poor year though, in fact I have friends who have had their best year ever! However your year has gone, we have 3 months to end it on a positive note and I believe we can do that. If we focus on the end of 2020, the beginning of 2021 can start off on the right foot.

Have you ever had a New Year’s resolution? Have you ever gone into the gym at the beginning of the year and start a workout plan or program? How long did it last? I want you to stop doing that! No more goals at the beginning of the year. I don't want you to be like Homer Simpson below...thinking about what he could look like. Let's get there this year! Let's start the habit now so that when the year starts, you are already in full swing! So many times, we start a new habit at the beginning of the year, hit an obstacle and BAM!!!! we are out. I don't want that to happen to you. This year we start now!

The uncertainty gyms reopening to full capacity and what they may look like when they do reopen means that designing a good habit of exercise and nutrition is of utmost importance right now. In fact, starting now would certainly help you when it comes to creating an overall health habit. We know the Habits drive results so let's focus on the habit!

I want to challenge you to create a 90 day plan. The trick is to not start everything at once. Remember this key point: we didn’t get to where we are now in a month or two so we’re not going to correct everything overnight; however, we can get started on the right path. In order to do that, each month we are going to tackle one important element.

You already know that the most impactful way of improving your health is through nutrition! Unfortunately, this subject is so nuanced with every expert telling you that their way is the best. The truth is, there is no one best way. I am here to tell you that the nutrition protocol that you will stick to is the best one for you to follow. I know that you have probably been promised easy weight loss and easy ways of improving your health by cutting out one food or not eating before a certain time. At the time of writing this blog post, those promises are not truthful. In fact, the only method of effective weight loss is through caloric restriction. That is not fancy term nor is it sexy at all; however, it works. We have to remember is that the tortoise always wins the race. The slower we can go the longer our weight loss will remain permanent.

Here is the plan:

This month I want you to focus on three key tasks. You do not have to do them all at once, in fact take a week for each one and slowly build on your progress.

Week one:

Goal: improve your water intake.

How to: Take half of your body weight in ounces and consume that much or work up to that much but don’t do it overnight!

Week two:

Goal: More vegetables

How to: Assess how many vegetables you are eating now and add 1 piece per day. Cooked any way you like.

Week three:

Goal: Increase your protein

How to: Each meal focus your attention on your protein source. Eat that, or most of it first!

Week four: Combine all three weeks! Something of note: You do not have to move to the next goal until you feel comfortable with the previous one. In other words, do not add more than you can handle at once. This is what leads to dropping off. I am perfectly fine and encourage only focusing on one goal at a time if it is not coming easy. I have several clients who take 3 months or more to make one of these goals a habit!

Now you have a solid nutrition plan and can move forward to the next month where we will focus on efforts on movement!

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