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Ok, so what is the First Step?

Here is step 1:

Funny enough, You have already completed step1!

You may not realize it yet but the first step has happened! The First step is always the hardest and that is making the decision to get moving in the right direction.

I’m confident you’ve made that first step because you’re here and you’re reading this. That means that you are, at least, thinking about your health. Making the decision to start thinking about your health seriously can be very tough for a lot of individuals.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in worrying about trying to be perfect that we sometimes forget to take joy in the process of getting better. Instagram, and social media in general, makes us believe that fitness models and celebrities have always been perfectly fit and healthy OR they got there overnight. That is seldom the case and the opposite is usually true.

One of my favorite quotes is: “it takes no special skill to be fit and healthy”, by Jim Wendler. This is a profound statement and something that I have found to be unequivocally true. You can be as fit and healthy as you want. The tough part is staying consistent when the progress is slow; however, that is when it is the most rewarding AND when it sticks aroung the longest.

You simply have to make the decision. You made the decision so now let’s get to work!!

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