Let’s. Get. Started

Really, that is all it takes in the beginning. The idea of wanting to change or develop a habit is the impetus behind Successfully improving your health. We know this but often the change ultimately escapes us in the end.

How do we change this? How do we fight the urge to relax and quit? What do we do when we miss a day and then fall off of the wagon? Are these the right questions?

I argue that we are approaching our problem from the incorrect starting point. We are not being fair to ourselves and we are putting ourselves in positions that are certainly NOT to our advantage. Think about it. What does the supermarket look like? What does the main drag of your city look like? Packaged foods, fast food, convenience, excuses, and the ability to give up on ourselves.

How can we expect to succeed with all of this? Why do we expect drastic health changes overnight when we don’t expect it in anything else. Everything, minus the lottery :-), takes time to develop and grow. Losing weight, getting in shape, and developing healthy habits is exactly the same way.

This is a journey, not a quick fix. 90 day challenges are wonderful but often they don’t replace good strong habits. You will not find quick fixes here BUT what you will find is someone who wants to help you. I will give you the information I have and what I use on a daily basis for myself, my personal clients, and my kids to develop the lifelong pursuit of health.

THATS where the fun is!

We just have to get started! Let’s GO!

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