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Don't make it difficult!

We (yours truly included) over complicate EVERYTHING. Why do we do this to ourselves? I think that too often we believe things have to be overly complicated in order to actually have any success. I think we tell ourselves that it can’t be so easy because if it was I would already have it done. I think what we fail to understand is that in order to be successful at anything you have to be consistent and sometimes we’re not consistent because it’s not exciting, exhausting or cutting edge.

It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that some of the all-time great‘s did things that were completely basic. Take a look at Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant and look at how many jump shots they had to take (and miss) for years to be good at anything.

Now, think of your own life and anything that you succeeded add, did it come naturally or did you have to practice? When you were growing up those first few steps you took were hard and unsteady. It's true that we don’t start walking right from the get-go. In fact, we build that muscle, we practice, we fail and we do it again. We learn to talk, tie our shoes and even hold our bladder through the night. (Although some of us are better at it than others!!)

Why then, are we OK with failing and practicing over and over again to learn some things but when it comes to our health we’re not patient?

If you’re reading this I am issuing you a challenge right now to look at yourself in the mirror and dedicate six months of consistent work to see where you will be. I guarantee you that in that time you will be a completely different person. It doesn't have to be massive change, it just has to be change. Pick ONE thing and let's go!

It’s time to go, join me.

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